About Maddox

About Maddox Services

It is enormous delight for us to introduce our self as a Service Provider Company in the field of death claim investigation and verification for the cases of Life Insurance, also for claim Investigation and verification for the case of Motor Insurance, Health insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, Pre–Post Employment, Personal, Academic professional Qualification, Criminal Records throughout all regions at State level in Northern and Southern part of India for various Indian and Multinational companies.

We are having experience of more than 11 years in the field of Investigation and verification for various national and multinational Insurance companies’ nationwide around 20 states of India.

  1. Provides specialized investigation and verification services for death claim, Health, Disability, and Motor Insurance with help of self-funded employees all of whom are committed to preventing Insurance Fraud.
  2. Our investigators teams carry a wealth of experience and expertise in fraud investigation, especially in Insurance fraud. Also having back office team having minimum 10 years experience to handle the field investigation and draft the quality report.
  3. The standard of proof required in cases of fraud is high and the collection, preservation and continuity of evidence is extremely important. Our investigators are fully conversant with both evidential procedures and current legislation.
  4. Our back office team members do two level verification for activity and behavior for all task of all investigators.
  5. We are committed for data secrecy and have well defined data secrecy policy.